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What is Important, Really?

I've been teaching yoga for 22 years.

What do I find most important to share?

To make visible what without me might go unnoticed and needs to be noticed. And, to encourage the same in others. We each have something sweetly specific to us, our dharma, that longs to take the stage. It's that luminous part of us that, when experienced, we fall wildly in love with our Self, put on our best dress, and take a giddy bow with the Divine.

It's a wonder to me to reflect on these words about what I feel is really important. A wonder in that I can honestly say this brief summary encapsulates the way that the most deeply wonder-full moments of my entire life relate to and inform the others. Each one has led to the next, without any conscious plans on my part. Ah...that would be, in the words of my teacher, making the unconscious conscious.

It started with that best dress. I've always loved clothing adornments as Self expression. The story goes that "dresses" was the very first word I ever said. It sparked in me from my first spoken breath!

My first giddy bow with the Divine was literal. I was in high school. My yet to be diagnosed clinical depression had resulted in very few moments of encouraged wonder up to the point, when I stepped onto the stage and began to act in plays. Prior to that, I had always felt what I might call clinically shy, a bit scared of venturing out of myself. To my good fortune, I came upon the very first in a line of teachers who saw me, and encouraged me out of that shy shell. "Little" me was cast as the lead in the classic stage play, Arsenic and Old Lace. When the show opened, I experienced what was indeed a wonder to me--I burst out loud with my Self in that "role," without a hint of feeling shy, and took that bow to a standing ovation. It was a true breakthrough in my life.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on such breakthrough moments in your life, times when you "truly excelled, and became an unstoppable force," to borrow from one of my favorite meditations. Perhaps you also had a catalyst, someone who helped you, see you. There, you will indeed witness the wonder of being in Self. Which reminds me, you know that adage about "being full of yourself" being a bad thing? It's the exact opposite. It is only when we are full of our Self what we can truly excel. (This, by the way, is my goal as a Yoga and Mindset Coach in my work with my private clients.)

Here is my Sonoma schedule, beginning August 10:

I'll now be teaching two classes a week in Sonoma, both in the indoor Community Classroom.

*Integrated Yoga is not a new style of yoga for me, it's the same style of class I've been teaching (ParaYoga), I've just changed the name to reflect what the practices include. Integrated Yoga weaves together asana, breath, chanting mantra during asana, visualization (bhavana), mudra, and meditation. I simply love how potent yoga can be when these elements unite in an alchemy of energy!

The classes will now be on a drop-in basis, no registration required. I'll have a sign-in sheet for your name and email, and ask for payment before class, as another group will be coming into the classroom after our class.


*Classes are $15, with payment by the following methods (in order of preference):

Venmo: Barbra-Brady-1 phone, 707-227-0044

PayPal: barbrabrady1393




*Please let me know if price is a prohibitive issue for you, I am happy to work with you.


Masks will be required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status as of this moment. Should conditions change in the future, I'll let you know.

Class recordings:

I will be live streaming the classes on Zoom, as I have some longstanding subscribers via my website. If you discover that you'd like access to my recorded classes, I welcome you to subscribe. The autopay monthly subscription rate is $49. This makes each class $6, and the fee includes access to five recorded classes (updated monthly). This would give you the option of practicing live from the comfort of your home whenever you like. I offer a discount on coming to in-person classes for subscribers ($10 per class).

blue door yoga & wellness schedule, Penngrove:

Integrated Yoga, Mondays & Wednesdays, 9:00-10:00am

Gentle Yoga, Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm

Yoga Nidra (online only), Thursdays, 7:00-7:30pm

I'd love to hear about your wonder-full moments!

In appreciation,


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Thank you Barbra. Om Prem.

Barbra Brady
Barbra Brady
Aug 23, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Sven!

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