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How to Ignite a Miracle: Just Be Aware

On one hand, the words "be aware" are about the practice of mindfulness. I feel it's critical to view matters from more than one perspective, so I took another look at the two words. I saw multiple meanings. Contract them, and you get a very different message: Beware! Intrigued by why I chose a Sonoma sunrise to illustrate "To be aware, or to beware?" (Pardon my paraphrase, but I did take two semesters of Shakespeare.)

Little did I know as I took that photo on the morning of January 2nd, 2024 I was igniting a miracle. Yes, the stunning gorgeousness of the sunrise was a miracle in and of itself, but it doesn't hold a candle to what came next. I was simply taking a snapshot that morning. However, in that very instant, the stars aligned, and our star, the sun, was setting in motion a Heaven-sent miracle. I was aware of the absolute beauty spanning the horizon, but was not aware that was just window dressing. It paled in comparison to the following.

A couple of hours after I took the photo, a lovely friend and student of mine who has graciously offered me a temporary place to stay on her property knocked on the door for a private yoga session. I was prepared to guide her through a practice on the mat, but she sat down, and I sensed she wanted to talk. She seemed near tears as she told me it would have been her mother's 89th birthday. I knew she had been very close to her mom. I sat with her, wanting to hold space for whatever she needed to share about the experience of this birthday without her.

Nearing tears, she told me that her mom used to love to arise early each day to watch the sunrise over the lake where they lived. It was a precious memory. She had intended to get up earlier than usual to see the January 2nd sunrise, to be a surrogate witness to what her mom had cherished. She was clearly disappointed. As she described her mother's mornings with sunrise, I asked,

"Did you see the sunrise this morning?" She replied, "No, was there one?" Without a word, I reached for my phone, and opened my camera roll to this image. The parting of seas had nothing on this moment. I texted the photo to her. Here's what she posted on FaceBook:

Good morning, Mom! Today would have been your 89th birthday, and for the past few years, I've celebrated you and your love of the dawn by rising early to greet it. I awoke this morning at 6:00 and saw only clouds and rain ... I went back to sleep thinking there would be no visible sunrise. A dear friend of ours is staying with us and I went to see her later in the morning and told her the story of my search for a sunrise, and lo and behold--she had taken this photo this morning. There WAS a magnificent sunrise, and Mom, you were here. You are always with me, forever.

That I just happened to be in the right place, at precisely the right time to be the messenger of this gift was magical. I was aware that this sunrise was one to be remembered. What I was not yet aware of was that it was sparking a day that will forever be on my calendar as one of the most meaningful in my 25-years of being a teacher and a guide. I became aware that I had made a difference.

My gift to you, dear reader, is ... Be aware. We never know when some chance occurrence might transfigure a sadness to utter bliss. It is my wish as a yoga facilitator to be a conduit of making a difference in someone's day, perchance life, as often as possible. My gift to myself is a reminder of my mission statement: Beware of settling for anything less as my work.

I am in the process of restructuring my work with this in mind. I'd love to co-create possibilities for the dawn of such magnificent sunrises in how you see your life. It might just be today. I'm offering free 20-minute "discovery" calls, let's co-create!

Personal Note:

Sonoma area friends, I need your help:

I'm in search of a place to live. It needs to be a magical arrangement. I'll be posting more details on my FaceBook page, but, in short, I hope to find a living space where I can live as a private yoga teacher/coach/assistant in partial exchange for rent. As I mentioned above, it is my intention to make a difference in the lives of others, perhaps there are ways I can do so for someone you know. It might be a cottage, or a room in a spacious home, or a co-living space. I dearly hope to find a place which might also welcome my two beloved indoor cats, Prana and Yama if possible (shameless photo below). Finding my next home, one of mutual benefit, is the basis of my current personal practice and my visions. (And my vision is where I began this post!)


"Barbra exudes clarity and integrity. Just being in her presence makes me more patient, centered, and calm. Her gentle spirit and unwavering consideration has changed lives.”

In closing, how are you? I'd love to listen.

With deep appreciation,


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