Where did you find yoga today?

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I teach yoga. What style? There is my ParaYoga tradition. And my peepage with Freedom Style a la Erich Schiffmann. ┬áIn both cases, my gift in teaching is not so much about what to do with what body part, but how to live more joyfully, fearlessly, and to move into stillness. I often remind a class to look for yoga everyday. It’s not always on the mat. Sometimes it is in a seemingly unlikely place.

Wimbledon’s Men Finals, two days ago. Some time during the course of the brekkie-to-supper match one of the commentators cited one of Federer’s motivations. Apparently someone gave him a carrot for those moments he was beginning to feel defeated, about to give up on himself.

“Remember who you are.”

My Dear students, Remember who you are.

And keep your heart’s eyes pealed for Where Did You Find Yoga Today.

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