What is Yoga? (Not what you may be thinking)

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I love it when I am reminded of the grandness of yoga in the least obvious ways.

Yes, there is obvious grand yoga (think: handstand in the middle of the room), and it can be delicious, joyful, fun. And that is a good thing. But when it comes right down to the nut of it, your soul could not care less if you can drop back into full backbend.
The quality of your life, and its impact on others doesn’t give a wit.

It is when you take the grand stand to shine your light fully that your soul begins to hum along to the tune of your Dharma. It is being open to this arising, bubbling up and out of you at a moment’s notice, when you least expect it. Even, and especially at those moments that our first reaction is to quietly wish inside for something we really, really desire with all of our heart.

You just never know when life is going to present the opportunity…to Present, that joy will issue forth, and we find ourselves surfing a wave of God-Beautiful, awe-full-ness.

I do know of at least one sure-fired way to set your sights on such surf-worthy waves:

Pre-order Yogarupa Rod Stryker’s (my teacher) glorious book The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom.

The Four Desires will be not be released until July, so here is another, right now place to see what I mean. And no, it is not about the asana. You won’t see or hear any overt mention of yoga in this adorable moment of a video of singer Paul Simon making yoga really possible for one woman.

But it’s yoga alright. About as fully expressed as you’ll ever find.

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