State of Union Address: What is your Pranic Footprint?

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The shift to a cleaner energy economy won’t happen overnight, and it will require some tough choices along the way.

President Obama, 2014 State of the Union Address


For my own 2014 State of Union Address (i.e., State of Yoga), I’d like to bring attention to Pranic Footprint. President Obama urged that we be aware of the “amount of carbon pollution our power plants are allowed to dump into the air.” But what about our pranic energy? Do we stop to consider the impact our own energy has on our environment? Ask yourself: Is it time for climate change in your interpersonal landscape?

If you’re not clear where I’m headed with this, think about the last time you were in a room with a hyper person, or on the freeway with a driver who was very determined to claim space. Maybe you’ve witnessed someone enter a room seeping negativity, or know someone who drains your energy to the point you avoid being around them. Their energy drain depletes you long after you’ve parted company. Know that icky, uncomfortable, Get me outta here feeling?

This is what I mean by pranic footprint. Just like a carbon footprint, the energy we bring to a thought, action, word, situation, or even a room has its effects on the environment. The energy we carry lingers. In some cases this imprint has a half-life of many live times. In a time when we are more aware, and cautious of, the impact of our material consumption and expenditures, what if we all become equally mindful of where–and how–we put our energy?

to be continued…

 (Originally published in January 2011.)

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