Cleansing Your Practice Space

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Cleaned Bihar BooksWhile cleansing my yoga/study/contemplation room with loving care today, an old Free Will Astrology┬ásnip feel from one of my books (I’m cleaning them, too). Must be from years ago, it’s crinkled, yellowed, thin. Natch that its message would be specifically Divine just as I have refreshed my sitting and altar area, my lap if you will. Good, clean space, or Sukha makes room for this reminder. Dukha (bad space) begone!

I would love to open this one up for dialogue and further into the light of day–If you’ve some wisdom on this, I’d adore it if you share.

If you really knew how much you were loved, you would never cry again. A sublime relaxation would flood your nervous system, freeing you to see the beautiful secrets that your chronic fear has hidden from you. If you knew how much the world longs for your genius to bloom, the peace that filled you would ensure you could not fail. You’d face every trial with eager equanimity. You would always know exactly what to do because your intuition would tell you in a myriad of subtle ways. And get this, [Leo]: A glimpse of this glory will soon be available to you.

Paul Brezsny

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