Practicing Yoga with an Injury

 In Today's Practice

The subtle, inner yoga practices have always been the most interesting, and powerful for me. I’ve also been noticing my “human” side lately, ¬†as I am on the sidelines with lingering wrist and shoulder issues from my accident in April.

With “being back to normal” still a ways off (after surgery in September), I finally got back on the wagon this week. Upon rising each morning, I wash my face, brush my teeth and use my neti pot, do a little asana, and then sit down for the real practice.

With my life in a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty, I am embracing one of Tantric Hatha Yoga’s kriya/laya yoga practices. Part pranayama, part visualization, many parts laya, or dissolving of impurities, in just four days, I am not only noticing, but truly feeling the difference.

I often have a feeling with the detailed visual meditations and kriyas (moving energy on the breath) that I am having energetic dialysis. Each moment, a little more removal of toxins that have become trapped in my body and mind. The release, the lightness of being during, and especially after the practice, pure, clear…

Thank you, Yogarupa, for sharing this special prana shuddi with me.

I am so grateful for the Tantras

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  • veloyogi

    Mornings continue with a tattwa shuddi (purificiation of the elements) and mantra practice. Afternoons, yoga nidra. Perfect combination, tantric alchemy.
    Laya (removal, or dissolution) yoga to cleanse to make pranic room for sankalpa, or intention, seated during yoga nidra. Out with the old and done for, in with the new and replenishing.

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