Yoga’s true power: Shakti

 In It's Not About the Asana

I’ll not attempt to offer a complete, or even semi-treatise on Shakti.

Simply one of the most meaningful nuggets my teacher has given me, one that returns time and again as a guidepost for me. One that serves as a benchmark when I’m wondering (at times) why the world seems so mucky. Wondering if I’m on my path…or off.

One of the five primary shaktis of Tantra yoga, Chit Shakti, which Yogarupa Rod Stryker has defined exquisitely, thusly:

“Being awake to the infinite, asleep to the finite.”

It’s counter is Maya Shakti, or, being awake to the finite, asleep to the infinite.

When things are bugging you, or worse, can you catch it as it is happening, and ask yourself,

“Am I awake to the infinite, right now? Or only to the finite?”

It’s an easy point to remember. And, with practice, can become more and more your default world view.

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