Sraddha: The Gift in Easter Saturday

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Sraddha, Sanskrit for “faith,” defines Easter Saturday.

The very recent past, Good Friday, seems defined by horrors beyond belief, it’s a crushing blow and sadness.

The day before Easter Saturday was an all consuming loss. A loss of Love personified, that of Christ Consciousness.

With the original “Good Friday” a day of history, today’s equivalent holds the knowledge that tomorrow, a miracle will happen. While yesterday was all dreadful and of an unfathomable pain, we know that tomorrow will present a rejoicing and all powerful  ascension. But where does that leave us today? That day in-between unimaginable sorrow and unbelievable redemption?


I’ve recently returned from a week’s study and practice with my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga. Among the precious notes I garnered from our week of “Kundalini: The Grandeur and Spirit of Yoga” are these:

Stay steady when there is no reward, that is faith. Faith is when there is no apparent reward, and you stay on the path anyway. Faith is staying steady when there is no evidence that you should have any, but you do.

And so, I encourage you not toward a blind faith in knowing that tomorrow will be blessed with colorful baskets of sweets, precious bunnies, and even the smiles of a child, but in just being present, truly present, with the gift of knowing that on any given day after a devastating experience, thought, or word, the brightness that is your true Self is right there. Despite the evidence.


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