Art in Nature: It’s all around…pay attention.

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If it is real…Rauschenberg was right.
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  • Mercy Jasper

    Actually, I thought it was the assemblagist Rauschenberg that said “The streets are full of Art”. & it was John Cage who said “Music is all around us”. (It is simply a matter of paying attention in either case)The BIRDS ON THE WIRES video illustrates they are the same thing. It is a treat to view whether it is direct from nature or if it is manipulated by some deft hand.

    • veloyogi

      Dear Mr. Mutt, I was thinking of these words by Bob:
      “My art is about paying attention – about the extremely dangerous possibility that you might be art”. (Robert Rauschenberg)

      • veloyogi

        This one “applies” nicely as well.

        “Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. I try to act in the gap between the two.” (Robert Rauschenberg)

  • veloyogi

    Mercy Jasper: Are you the secreted offspring of Merce Cunningham and Jasper Johns? As I commented on my Facebook page re: this “piece,” Ah, to have been at Black Mountain College in the 50s. But it is nice to simply study it all, too.

  • Bren Baker

    I love reading your blog. Thank you!

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