What is the difference in private and group offerings

Q. What is the Difference in Private and Group Offerings?

A. Private yoga is perfect for those looking for an introduction to yoga, or who may not be comfortable in group classes. In private yoga you get one-on-one, individualized attention the entire session. Together we’ll develop a practice/lifestyle that meets your specific needs and goals, a your pace. Group classes don’t afford this personalized level of attention.

Q: Who is your Private Yoga for?
  • Those brand new to yoga who want to learn the poses.
  • Those looking for more of an emphasis on learning to quiet the mind, and align energy.
  • Those interested in learning meditation and pranayama (breathing).
  • Those uncomfortable with practicing in group sessions.
  • Those who want to develop a home practice.
Q: What Should I Expect in a Private Session with You?

A: We’ll meet in the comfort of your home, or a private rental space. In private lessons students learn how to safely and effectively practice yoga for their individual needs, learning which exercises and practices are most useful and which ones to avoid. Based on the student’s current physical/emotional/mental health, I sequence the best practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, even diet and lifestyle) to bring your life into balance. I offer ongoing support by phone, email, or Skype.

Q: What is Your Yoga Style and Background? What are its Benefits?

A: The ancient Yogis believed through learning to control our subtle energies, we also learn to control the mind. ParaYoga, or Tantric Hatha Vinyasa, weaves together an intelligent sequence of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and meditation to smooth out imbalances in your mind and energy. The focus is on effortlessness and steadiness in each pose through following the breath and clear, eloquent guidance.

Tantric Hatha encourages an “inner listening” that helps transform students’ bodies to be stronger and more flexible and also aid in removing mental and emotional “clutter” for a more balanced and healthy energy flow. The most noticeable difference from other vinyasa classes will be that the flow or sequence of the asana will be practiced at a slightly slower pace in order to become sensitive to our subtle energies.  These subtle energies are known as Prana, or vital energy, and Agni, our digestive and psychic fire.  Our goal in each practice is to become more and more sensitive to Prana, to cultivate Agni, and then ultimately control them. The sessions incorporate pranayama and meditation practices that encourage students to find clarity of mind and a peaceful contentment. I also guide the deeply relaxing, life-changing practice of Yoga Nidra. One will come out of a ParaYoga session with a tranquil mind, knowing they have balanced energy. It’s really energy management yoga!

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