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Yoga Mindset Coaching

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Private YMC Sessions

After 20 years of teaching public and private yoga, Barbra Brady is focusing more and more on working one-on-one with clients. To deepen the scope of working one-on-one, she is training in Yoga Mindset Coaching (YMC), a client-centered approach which brings the yoga "mindset" into the field of coaching. 


A YMC session begins with checking in with the client--How are things going for you today? What seems to be active? Let's say the client shares that they are overwhelmed with everything they have to do. After reflective listening, the coach reflects the client's words back to them, and asks the client to consider the possibility that they are not completely in overwhelm, but a part of them is, and that part is just trying to do its job of taking care of us. This is based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) in the field of psychology, and "Parts Work." IFS believes that everything that causes us to react in our life is a field outside of us, and does not define us. 


The coach facilitates the client seeing from the vantage point of the seer of the field, the one who, in yoga terminology is the witness. In other words, the coach helps the client let go of defining themselves by what are simply limiting parts of their personality that are asking for help.


Here's where the private yoga comes in, and takes the session well beyond what is possible in a public yoga class. Based on which "parts" of the client are presently active, a yoga/pranayama/meditation session is designed that will bring balance to the client. 


Above all, the YMC coach listens with curiosity, acceptance, and compassion to help the client experience themselves as whole, balanced, and completely capable of living with all parts of themselves while their Self is always present as their true guide.

Yoga Mindset Coaching Rates

  • Single 75-Minute Session: $165

  • 5 Session Package: $750 ($150/session) - 75-minute sessions, must be used within six months

*Sliding scale available for low-income clients - availability varied

To book private yoga or YMC sessions, please email Barbra directly, and we’ll get you scheduled. Barbra also offers a free 20-minute Consultation Call to answer questions you might have. Email her to schedule your call. Payments can be made using Venmo, PayPal, or check.

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