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I am extraordinarily honored to be featured along with fellow ParaYogini Mary Bruce and our teacher Rod Stryker in Origin, the new National Consciousness Lifestyle Magazine!

You can find me in issue 13, page 110. Along with 33 other amazing women, I am featured in the article “True Beauty.” Here’s the lead-in:

“We’ve found some of the most beautiful, strong, passionate women in America, shifting their communities. We are widening and re-defining the modern definition of beauty. True beauty is strength, confidence, self-reliance, and compassion.

True beauty is dancing with the wildness, being true to yourself, and being honest when it’s painful. It’s being able to stand in the center of the fire and not shrink back when life calls you to be your highest. It is the courage to fail–for love, for a dream, for the adventure of being alive. This is Origin‘s campaign to find and highlight the most beautiful women making a difference in our world, every issue. We are taking the beauty back.”


Upper right. Photo credit In Her Image Photography

Asked the question, “What is your Passion,” I replied:

To make visible what without me might go unnoticed and needs to be noticed. And, to encourage the same in others. We each have something sweetly specific to us, our Dharma, that longs to take the stage. It’s that luminous part of us that, when expressed, we fall wildly in love with our Self, put on our best dress, and take a giddy bow with the Divine.


Now on the stands nationally, Origin has pricked my ears, eyes, and mind with each astonishingly issue. I find myself turning the pages with the draw, ‘just one more page’ guiding me. I can honestly say I’ve never read a magazine cover-to-cover with such ease. The articles are the perfect length. Concise enough that I can read one during a short pause in my day while rich enough to linger in my mind.

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  • karendevaney

    Go Barbara GO!!!!!!! So proud of you! Karen

  • Maria

    Congrats! This is huge 😀

  • Barbra Brady

    Thanks, Maria! One thing I love about Origin, they feature both celebrities and “regular” people every issue. Really democratic.

  • Lyn Belisle

    BB – your balanced, intelligent loveliness shines in that photo 🙂 wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

  • lynbelisle

    You look absolutely luminous! What a wonderful quote – thanks for sharing.

    • Barbra Brady

      Thank you, Lyn!

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