Are you still looking for the happiest part of yourself? Do you know what it means to experience stress, anxiety, or depression?  Let me show you how to get to your inherent happiness!

It was 1972, I was 18, and, had agoraphobia. A simple trip to the supermarket with my mom would incite a panic attack so engulfing, so terrifying, we’d have to abandon our cart mid-shop to get me to safe haven, home. Sure, being home was safe, but it was a far cry from thriving. I stayed in the house for a year, only going out to walk our dog in the park, or for drives in my car. While out, alone, I found myself longing to connect the way I saw other people connecting. I couldn’t understand how other people were comfortable enough in their own skin to connect. To converse. To laugh. And no medical attention being sought, I just withered into an unbearable depression.

Thank yoga, it only lasted a year. During that year, I occupied my time with a lot of tv. I saturated in soap operas, and come fall, baseball (another delight of my life). As grace would have it, I also glommed onto PBS. There was the proto-Downton Abbey, UpstairsDownstairsMonty Python brightened my mind. And here we come to itLilias, Yoga, and You pretty much saved my life. Airing for 30 minutes, five nights a week, it was a little sliver of comfort. Some days, those 30 minutes were the only ones in 24 hours that didn’t find me in the devastating pain and longing of depression. This yoga stuff made me smile, and blossom. It was something to look forward to, and make me finally feel good about myself. Yoga helped me cultivate a nourishing inner awareness.


People are saying: “One aspect of your class that I most admired was your edited, almost curated, use of language. Everything you said was clear, and it was just the right amount of instruction. When I went back to teaching, I tried to bring that element into my classes–emphasizing clarity, and saying just enough.”   Jill Minneman, ParaYoga teacher

I’m baring my teen-aged soul here knowing it might send some people quickly away from my website, not wanting to work with someone with my history.  (It is history.) But I’m making that choice because it is my mission to get the word (mantra) out.Yoga brings relief. Whether it’s from a dark hole of depression, or a nagging job or back (those two brought me to my first live yoga class in 1996, it relieved again!), yoga can save at the very least one’s outlook on life. And has me now in the happy condition you see above!

Here are some of the benefits I like to share with students I work with

  • Feeling good about oneself.
  • For people who have had meager self esteem, finding a sense of “I can do this!”
  • Yoga emphasizes not comparing oneself to others. Many people are bedeviled by not measuring up, or keeping up with the Joneses. Yoga reminds: You are good enough just the way you are.
  • healthy back. I routinely went into back spasms before yoga, and haven’t gone into one since I began practicing regularly.
  • Finding a calm in the pressure of stress and anxiety.
  • An intuitive inner awareness.
  • Finding our inherent happiness.
  • And then, there’s good ol’ feel better!

Barbra Brady holds a master’s degree in Liberal Studies and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the top level, E-RYT 500 hours. She has earned certification with Yogarupa Rod Stryker’s rigorous ParaYoga at the highest, Level II. Teaching since 1999, she specializes in an unparalleled calm yet strong approach to yoga, and is noted for being careful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. It is her mission to provide a guided awareness, one that carries through into the life of the student.

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